Premiering a Breakthrough in Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE)

Introducing the world's first enterprise-scale Fully Homomorphic Encryption algorithm—ushering in a new era of real-world data-in-use applications with transformative speed enhancements.

What is Vaultree FHE and How does it Work?

Vaultree’s Fully Homomorphic Encryption algorithm ensures sensitive data remains encrypted at all stages, from creation to analysis - without compromising performance.

Our FHE Benefits


Our FHE algorithm drastically reduces computational overhead, allowing millions of operations per minute making real-time encrypted data processing possible for real-world applications for the first time.


Enabling secure data sharing and collaboration, allowing multiple parties to work together without compromising data privacy or performance.


Vaultree provides data integration tools and drivers, which are designed for seamless integration. Our FHE algorithm simplifies the encryption process for easy adoption by SMEs and large enterprises alike.


FHE ensures end-to-end encryption, providing unparalleled protection against unauthorised access while being fully functional and easily surpassing current global data protection standards.

Vaultree's Performance Benchmarks

Current FHE Limitations

Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) often faces significant performance issues, including high computational overhead and latency, making real-time data analysis impractical.

How Vaultee Solves This

Vaultree's FHE algorithm reduces computational overhead and latency, enabling real-time data processing and seamless integration, overcoming traditional FHE limitations

Unlocking Potential with FHE

Discover how Vaultree’s FHE empowers true data enablement without compromising security, as demonstrated across various use cases and papers:

Empower Your Business with FHE

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